NX workspace

Creating empty NX workspace and initializing it with project

Create new NX workspace

npx create-nx-workspace@15.4.4 --name ls-primer --pm pnpm --nxCloud false --preset empty
cd ls-primer

Install Logosphere SDK

pnpm install @logosphere/sdk@latest

Install Nx Node plugin

pnpm install @nrwl/node@15.4.4 @types/node @babel/core

Init Workspace

pnx g @logosphere/sdk:init

Ignore all the warnings. At this point you should have an empty NX workspace with all the required dependencies installed.

The init operation only runs once on a newly created empty NX workspace. If you invoke init again, it will not do anything.

If you want to start from scratch, delete the workspace first and then create it again.

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